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On Wednesday, October 4 the most wide-sweeping test ever occurred of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) and Emergency Alert System (EAS). This transmitted a great deal more microwave frequencies than usual to cell phones, computers, TV's, radios and even "smart meters" in or on your home or building.

Such frequencies can be significantly harmful, and they are transmitted regularly with cell phone and wi-fi use.

Cell phones themselves give off harmful frequencies constantly and should be kept away from the body, especially the head, at all times.

Consider unplugging and avoiding cell phone and wi-fi devices when not in use, and keeping them as far as possible from your body even when in use.

Cell phones, tablets and smart appliances are still really on when you shut them off. They can still be reached by transmissions and caused to emit a signal.

These are directed energy weapons (DEWs) intentionally placed into our lives. So are lithium ion batteries.

Even better, wrap cell phones, "blue tooths" and tablets thoroughly in several layers of crinkled aluminum foil or mylar when not in use. If possible, put them inside an unplugged microwave oven wrapped in the foil or mylar, or another similar sealed metal container (a "Faraday cage").

Cell-phone frequencies, pulsing regularly to check with local towers for incoming data, accumulate inside a closed car causing occupants to be "cooked" like in a microwave oven. Leave one or more windows open slightly for frequencies to dissipate.

Further, it would be best to live away as far from cell / wi-fi towers, transmitters and "smart meters" as possible.

Even the wiring in our appliances and inside our walls gives off "dirty electricity" EMF frequencies that affect us adversely. Any metal in your bed or on your body assists EMF transmission that can harm. Move beds and other regularly occupied furniture away from the connection point of utility wires and smart metes to the building.

The mast towers and neighborhood transmitters on utility poles for cell phone, smart meter and wi-fi transmissions emit harmful microwaves.

When you are in a location with others such as a store or restaurant, you are being affected by others cell phones and any wi-fi in use.

You can help by bringing the attention of others to reality.


More Details

Certain frequencies can activate nanotechnology that has been imbedded in everyone from intake of multi-faceted public poisons.

Heavy metals, including aluminum, barium 137 and cesium 137, high-tech lipid coated nanotech particles, self-assembling nanobots, graphene oxide, "hydrogel", synthetic biology, including toxic proteins, designed "viruses", poisonous venoms, mRNA, "luciferase" (a bio-luminescent enzyme) and modified fungi and other parasites, plus propylene glycol, have variously been in foods, water, household products and medicines, especially injections (vaccines, flu-shots, insulin, etc.) for several years.

Further, many of these toxic harmful materials have been sprayed in the air by geoengineering sprays for even longer.

If this sounds insane to you, it is. However, it is reality.

If you are not aware of the plans and operations by people in positions of power for world depopulation, you need to be.

No matter that this is terrifying; only through public awareness and action can it be stopped.

There is no need for panic. Rather, learn protective and corrective measures, and alert family and friends to this unconventional war against the people so we can work together to stop it.

Many benevolent actors are working to expose and stop those powers that intend to harm and control us.


Needed to Know

A tiny set of psychopaths have run world-wide operations for centuries. Some of these projects are done openly, such as money and banking, governments and wars. Others are hidden, such as secret societies, think tanks, any technology that can be "weaponized", plus mind control programs and psychological operations embedded in staged events, news and entertainment.

This cabal of evil wealthy elites and their corrupt servants have all the wealth they think they need. They want massive reduction in the world population, and full surveillance and control of those remaining.

That is what wars, pandemics, public poisons (fluoride, medicines, vaccines, etc.), frequency technologies and infrastructure, "climate change carbon emissions", disaster events and genetic experimentation have been all about.

This is well-documented in cabal conglomerate-owned patents and their think-tank-derived privately published papers.

They have controlled banking and finance, mega-corporations, industry, education, medical protocol, media and many operatives in governments, agencies, institutions and bureaucracies for more than a century. They even use non-profit foundations and other NGOs for planning and manipulation of the population.

The synthetic bio-weapon technologies with which they have infiltrated the bodies of humans and animals alike, most effectively through medicine, are subject to activation and programming by frequencies via cell phones, wi-fi towers and other modalities.

This long-planned sinister process can be used to accelerate disease states including immune system weakening, nerve disorders, strokes, heart attacks, rapid cancers and many other types of illness.

The trees near cell towers are dying. Certain frequencies can create illnesses in us with the same symptoms ascribed to "novel viruses", which are actually lab-developed technologies.

What serious damage is being done to "vaccinated" (poisoned) children in schools full of computers with 5G towers and repeaters on or next to the building? Infertility is a major goal of the genocidal cabal agenda, as well as deaths.

Do you know that the human death rate in the USA has risen by more than 40% in the last couple years directly associated with the propagandized shots? The technological contents are triggered by frequencies.

"Sudden death" is occurring among people of all ages.

Descriptions of these issues, including patents, statistics and warnings from numerous experts, abound on the internet.



The dramatically larger than ever Emergency Broadcast System and Emergency Alert System test on October 4 (possibly again October 11), might be intended to begin what elites have privately called "the great culling", whereby masses of the population are eliminated in a relatively short period of time.

The materials they have compelled us to receive through multiple vectors can be stimulated by frequencies to build structures in the body that serve as internal receiving and transmission antennae.

A strange, rubbery fibrous substance with embedded nanotech may develop that clogs blood vessels leading to circulatory issues and organ damage, and possibly death. Nervous system and brain deficiencies are common as well.

These conditions are exacerbated by EMF emissions from cell-phones, wi-fi, televisions, etc.

A blast of triggering frequencies, which could be done any day and not announced ahead of time, may initiate a period of widespread illness, which would probably be labeled a new "pandemic", that could cause many to pass away.

The planned, staged and executed COVID-19 scare and toxic injection process, which has killed many millions already, was a preliminary event of the cabal's strategic attempts at mass depopulation and mental control in progress to establish the modern high-tech feudalism they desire.

The COVID-19 shots did not prevent anything. Instead they seeded disability, death and future illness.

All the animals died in what little testing was done on these poisonous serums before the "COVID" injection propaganda was rolled out as planned and rehearsed ahead of time.

COVID is not really a natural "virus" and the shots given have not really been "vaccines".

(According to many critics of the medical industry favored "germ theory", what are called "viruses" are merely scraps of protein debris, some with partial genetic sequences, which are found everywhere and do not cause illness. Instead, the label "virus" aptly fits the lab-developed synthetic poisons, also called bio-weapons, which are introduced into people in various ways. The term is from the Latin word for poison.(

The real cause of illness is a disturbed body from toxins and unhealthy frequencies.

The tyrannical cabal plans are based on their age-old strategies of "divide and rule", "controlled opposition", "problem-reaction-solution", "order out of chaos", deception, fear and poisoning the populace.

(See the recovered privately published insider document "Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" from 1979.)

As more people have become aware of the cabal and their intentions, and a movement has developed to stop them, the cabal powers have become desperate to move up their United Nations "Agenda 2030" population reduction timetable to 2025.

The Deagel population projections used by think tanks, military, intelligence agencies, etc., indicated at one time a level of 99 million or less as the expected USA population by 2025. The current population is over 330 million. This forecasted a 70% reduction, but the information was removed from their website a couple years ago due to growing attention.

If you have not known any of this, it is because you have trusted the "Conglomerate Empire", the false authorities, corrupt officials, corporations, promoters of deception, controlled information sources (insider "authorities", controlled media, etc.) and the commonly false knowledge of too many people.

This is not just "conspiracy theory", a term created by the CIA to distract people from investigation. This is a major, long-standing worldwide conspiracy of most despicable nature.



We must become aware and act, or perish.

Following the maxim of "better safe than sorry", engage in the suggested extra protection and correction measures.

There are EMF (ElectroMagnetic Frequency) protective devices that can be placed on cell phones, computers, smart meters, and in wall sockets, etc., that reduce the harm.

Other valuable ideas: low-dose nicotine* patches clear venoms from receptor sites; zinc, vitamins C & D, glutathione, N-Acetyl L-Cysteine, quercitin, nattokinase enzyme, herbs such as turmeric and larrea, bentonite or zeolite clay, activated charcoal powder and oxygen supplementation (esp. chlorine dioxide), provide nutritional and detoxification support.

(*Note: nicotine is a natural, proven non-addictive compound found in many vegetables. The tobacco industry adds an addictive chemical to cigarettes and falsely blames the addiction on nicotine.)


Be Prepared

Beyond the attacks with public poisons, nanotechnology and frequencies, supply chains are currently being disrupted. Disasters are occurring. Shortages are developing.

An economic crisis is brewing. Banks are insolvent due to growing rejection of USA bonds and treasury bills. Bank "bail-ins" are possible, with the bank using funds from your account for their needs. There are likely to be currency changes.

There may be a power outage, possibly long-term. Disasters and hostile events are often planned and staged, sometimes using technologies you do not know about. Such sabotage can be falsely blamed on an "enemy", as what is called a "false flag".

A period of social disorder is possible. The threatened powers would like to use chaos as the excuse to bring in their tech-enhanced "new world order".

Have a stock of extra food, water, blankets, candles, cash (silver and gold coins if possible), and other essentials, including potential barter items. Implement alternative heating, lighting and transportation plans.

It is autumn, harvest time. Buy locally-grown produce at farmers' markets, stands and orchards. Obtain, dehydrate, can and store as much food as you can. Organize neighborhood preparedness and security meetings.

Learn more with the many resources at this and related websites.



Assist the movement to stop the psychopaths. Their sinister plans and acts are much worse than described here.

There are many people working to eradicate the evil cabal and their operations. Spreading awareness is primary. Groups are forming everywhere for planning and tactical civic action.

Please pray for or meditate on divine assistance. God is helping us.

Be grateful for the opportunity to help expel evil from this dimension at this critical time.


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