positive wisdom for living really well



YESwise means moving wisely in a positive direction. The intention is to improve living really well and grow in conscious awareness.

Each of us is moving yeswise as we choose to accelerate our growth in consciousness. We have the potential to become aware of reality with vastly more insight and understanding than conventionally limited consciousness allows us to perceive.

Every second, every thought, every cell, every subatomic particle is changing, moving, vibrating, all influenced by consciousness as we express it. If we can learn how to enhance awareness and guide our consciousness, we can proceed more directly yeswise, more in a positive mode, ultimately to a holistic realization.

As with virtually everyone, we have spent an extended amount of time and energy restricting, even undermining, our individual and collective progress, mostly unconsciously. Hypnotized, fascinated and preoccupied with illusions of separation and fear, we have missed out on comprehending the full understanding of love, while limiting our life energy to many fruitless or regressive pursuits.

Now, by the very present attention on the idea of positive wisdom, we are already advancing in awareness. As we develop our Yeswise movement, we consciously heal and grow to recognize and realize our potential of holistic consciousness.

The conscious focusing of loving energy, the creative life energy, reveals the "real God" that manifests and sustains all that is.

The motto of my high school class is, "We are what we are becoming." Just as the acorn has a potential oak tree in it, we have within us the potential for holistic wisdom and a full participation in the reality of loving awareness.


Blessings, Jon David Miller

holistic philosopher, wellness educator, author, singer-songwriter