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Yeswise Insights

informative blog-casts of awareness, reality and well-being


with Jon David Miller, M.A., M.Div.

holistic educator, researcher, philosopher & author

health, healing, awareness, survival, economics, more

natural wellness ~ human nature ~ social science ~ philosophy

~ 50+ years of reality research ~


"We are living major history in the making. The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."

digging deeper, climbing higher, more aware


(more about Jon)



"The Real World"

positive reality discussion for betterment

Live Q & A + Chat with Jon David Miller

(not recorded)

natural health, healing, awareness, survival, economics, more

Saturdays, noon Eastern Time


Real Jon "Easy-Chair" Song Videos

songs of reality and awareness

Real Jon is recording close-up phone videos, practice performances of original "Real Songs" in his easy chair. Enjoy the social analysis and life insights of holistic philosophy expressed in these creative songs.



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November, 2022:


Critical Thinking


Economic Collapse?



October, 2022:


Disaster or Correction?


Deep Deception


Life Verities of Holistic Reality

a Yeswise Better Insight Minute


Economic Changes and Collapse


The War on Humanity



September, 2022:


"Psyence" – Mind Control Technologies


Evil Cabal Projects


The Evil Cabal


"Psy-Ops" -- Psychological Operations

(Also see: “Psy-Ops” - A Grandpa Jon easy-chair song video)



August, 2022:

What War?


Learning From the Horrors of COVID


Holistic Reality

-- A Philosophy of Natural Life Improvement


Beyond Evil



July, 2022:

Getting the Most Out of Life


Clear Fear


Bioweapon Insanity Harms Humanity


Public Poisons Harming You


Depopulation Plans & Modalities


Historical Quotes of Concern


Quotes of Cabal Insiders


The Control Cabal's Plans


Evidence of the Control Agenda


Who Are the Deceivers?


Holistic Freedom



June, 2022:

Who Is Fooled?


Elaborate Deception


The Mind Control Agenda



Doom, Gloom or Bloom?


How Convoluted Is The Rabbit Hole


Emergent Urgency Warning




Programmed Ignorance


Expanding Awareness


Managed Illusion


Issues of Survival


Awareness of Public Poisons


Positive Wisdom


Natural Health Wellness


It's A Matter of Life & Death


Synthetic Venom Kicker in the Shots



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