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YESwise is about moving wisely in a positive direction. The intention is growth in knowledge, enhanced awareness, greater wisdom and improved living.

Each of us is moving "yeswise" as we choose to attend to our own growth. We have the natural potential to become more aware of reality with greater insight, wisdom and understanding than conventionally limited consciousness allows us to perceive.

Humans tend to expend an extended amount of time and energy restricting, even undermining, our individual and collective progress, mostly unconsciously. Collective beliefs, the "normalcy bias", propaganda and distraction keep people less conscious.

Hypnotized, fascinated and preoccupied with illusions of separation and fear, we have missed out on comprehending and understanding the full power of creative awareness. While limiting our life energy to many fruitless or regressive pursuits, we ignore opportunities for improvement and too often abuse and impair each other instead.

Every second, every thought, every cell, every subatomic particle is changing, moving, vibrating, all influenced by consciousness as we express it. If we can learn how to enhance awareness and guide our consciousness, we can proceed more directly in a positive mode to greater realization of loving awareness and wisdom.

Yeswise Education Service offers access to Holistic Learning Modules and other modes of information that expand awareness and knowledge for survival and positive growth in understanding.

Now, by the very present attention on the idea of positive holistic learning beyond what we were presented in school or by the media, we are already advancing. As we develop our positive movement, we consciously heal and grow to recognize and realize our creative potential.

Consciously focusing on the whole of reality reveals this creative awareness, the loving power of the Creator that manifests and sustains all that is.

"We are what we are becoming." Just as the acorn has a potential oak tree in it, we have within us the natural potential for holistic wisdom and a full participation in the reality of the Creator's loving awareness.


Blessings, Jon David Miller, holistic educator

(more about Jon)

Yeswise Education Service

positive momentum for better living

Holistic Learning Modules


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