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Public Poisons


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with Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic educator, researcher, philosopher and author

~ over 50 years of reality research ~

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Please take the steps to avoid public poisons and the ill health and suffering they cause.



In 7 informative reports with a large library of resource videos and articles, this important learning module will inform you of a variety of existing and potential threats to our lives and well-being that have been hidden or obscured from public knowledge, as well as suggestions for detoxifying and avoiding or reducing exposure to these public poisons. If you are not concerned for yourself, study this for the sake of children and future generations.

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Public Poisons

~ chemicals and heavy metals

~ in food, water, household products

~ herbicides, pesticides, food additives

~ environmental poisons

~ pharmaceuticals



~ in city water

~ in beverages and foods

~ in medicines

~ in geo-engineering fallout


Geo-engineering aerosols

~ Stratospheric Aerosol Injection

~ weather modification

~ toxic metals

~ aluminum

~ barium

~ fluoride

~ coal fly ash

~ nanobots

~ graphene oxide

~ biological components


Vaccines & Other Pharmaceuticals

~ germ theory mistake

~ immunity

~ contaminants

~ aluminum

~ mercury

~ fluoride

~ nanobots

~ graphene oxide

~ venoms from snakes & cone snails

~ harm


Public Poisons Learning Module Includes:

~ updates + addendums

~ 7 reports of critical information

~ comprehensive reference resources

~ archive of blog-cast articles & recordings

~ archive of 100's of diverse, categorized resource links to

informative articles, audio & visual presentations and websites


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