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Survive The Changes


YESwise Learning Module

holistic learning for well-being


with Jon David Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic educator, researcher, philosopher and author

~ over 50 years of reality research ~

(more about Jon)


In 14 informative report articles presented in mostly short segments, this important learning module will inform you of a variety of existing and potential threats to your life and well-being that have been hidden or obscured from public knowledge, as well as suggestions for being prepared to deal with the significant changes underway and forthcoming.


Needed Knowledge

Insufficient information is a primary problem and a major limit on knowledge and wisdom. If you take the steps to avoid false reality, the orchestrated deception and manipulation, the suffering of confusion, anxiety and ill health, you will also avoid the disappointment of missing what you could have learned.

Join us in the holistic learning process of digging deeper and climbing higher. Find out what important knowledge lies beyond the veil of ignorance and deception. Please help to make others aware of holistic learning and this needed information.


Survive the Changes



Social Changes

~ control of water & food

~ political changes

~ financial changes

~ social engineering


Economic Changes

~ economic & financial challenges

~ currency - the dollar and more

~ planned crises

~ inflation

~ debt

~ oil


Earth Changes

~ climate change

~ the environment

~ nuclear radiation

~ pollution, poisons

~ harm to nature, extinctions

~ volcanoes, earthquakes, storms, fires


Climate Change

~ manipulation by universal threat

~ climate engineering

~ weather derivatives

~ population control

~ world governance


The Control Crisis

~ control cabal

~ divide and rule

~ order out of chaos

~ distraction, deception

~ disruption, depression

~ depopulation



~ what is a virus

~ transmission

~ bio-weapon

~ pandemic

~ COVID-19

~ purposes


Harmful Frequencies

~ EMFs

~ Wi-Fi

~ 5G

~ smart meters



~ theories and facts

~ staged events

~ psychological operations

~ false flags


Planet X

~ hidden history

~ planetary disturbances

~ solar effects

~ weather

~ earth changes


Preparedness & Protection

~ preparation for crisis

~ support community

~ avoiding poisons

~ detoxification

~ safe location


Food Availability

~ crop loss disasters

~ growing food

~ storing food

~ seeds


Survive the Changes

Learning Module Includes:

~ updates + addendums

~ 14 reports of dramatic changes

~ comprehensive resource references

~ archive of blog-cast articles & recordings

~ archive of 100's of diverse, categorized resource links to

informative articles, audio & visual presentations and websites


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