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November, 2023:


on Brighteon:

JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Nov 23

on Rumble:

JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Nov 23

It has been 60 years since the JFK assassination, and it is still a hot topic on talk radio, podcasts, blogs and in documentaries. This is because there is much evidence that it did not happen as described in the media.

Reviewing the key points that suggest a major conspiracy, we can see why it is still discussed. The repercussions of it continue playing out even now.

Oswald was not a good marksman. He was seen outside the Texas Book Depository, but it may have been a look-alike. Oswald doppelgangers were spotted in town that day. Also, George H W Bush was photographed standing outside that building at that time.

Cheap rifle left in Texas Book Depository. FBI could not match shot, which should have been taken when limo was nearer.

JFK had multiple enemies: CIA, FED, FBI, Military Industrial Complex, Mafia, Cubans, Secret Societies, Cabal behind it all.

Johnson, Nixon, Bush, Connally in on it.

Many shooters -at least 3 shots, 2 almost simultaneous with no reset time.

Death shot may have been from rain sewer when limo slowed almost to stop. Some think the driver did it.

JFK in Parkland hospital, Doctor held part of brain. Docs later saw autopsy photos and said it looked different than what they saw. Military blocked legally required autopsy in Dallas.

Cop Tippets, a doppelganger for JFK. Knew Oswald and Ruby. Cop killed by Oswald? Not bullets from his gun. Scene bullet casings missing.

Rerouted Tippets to Parkland hospital.

Casket shell game. Supposed JFK body arrived in military casket and body bag instead of sheets and original casket.

Botched military autopsy.

RFK inspected body, said it did not look like his brother.

Closed casket funerals for both JFK and Tippets.

Oswald claimed he was a patsy. Ruby shot Oswald. Ruby was friends with Tippets, also with Oswald. Ruby, who owned a night club, was known by the police. He may have been compelled by the conspirators to eliminate Oswald to shut him up.

Alan Dulles, head of CIA fired by JFK, lead Warren Commission.

George HW Bush may have lead the assassination team. He was later the head of the CIA, appointed by cabal insider, President Gerald Ford. As CIA director, Bush then testified falsely in the House investigation of the JFK death.

Contradiction, conflict, confusion, even more in subsequent decades of cabal false flags and deception. That is why the conspiracy analysis continues and grows.




on Brighteon:

Prepare for Changes - Nov 16

on Rumble:

Prepare for Changes - Nov 16

We are living in unprecedented times. This era in which we are living may be an important topic in history classes for centuries, if we survive it all.

Considering the amazing changes in life on this planet from my grandmotherís birth in 1883 until now, the deepening of research, the growth in knowledge, the explosion of technology, the expansion of detail, the fascination with personalities, the sophistication of deception and manipulation, the intensity and scope of conflict, and the increased awakening to reality, we are living in a period of major historical significance.

Arising out of the milieu of this adventure of more than a century, expect major changes to get your attention soon. It would be wise to be prepared as much as possible for a period of financial interruption, supply chain disruption, economic transformation and/or power outage.

I recommend self-sufficiency and cooperation. Accumulate the items that can meet your needs in adverse circumstances, and coordinate preparedness plans and efforts with relatives, friends and neighbors.   



on Brighteon:

Grandfather Jon Live -- intro - Nov 9

on Rumble:

Grandfather Jon Live -- intro - Nov 9

Wisdom for a wild worried world: natural health, better mind, well-being and more. - This is the introductory show. (NOTE: I edited out the song due to poor recording.)



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