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"We are living major history in the making. The deeper you dig and the higher you climb, the more you will learn."

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December, 2023:


on Brighteon:

Be Prepared for Change - Dec 29

on Rumble:

Be Prepared for Change - Dec 29

Significant changes are anticipated in 2024. There is no doubt there will be political changes, maybe more than you would expect.

The financial changes will be very impactful. If there is not a major revision of the government debt process and the banking system, there could be an economic collapse scenario. Treasury bonds are in jeopardy of default, and a huge portion of the assets of banks is treasury bonds, already much less in value than being counted on the balance sheet.

Will that mean supply chains cut off and vast unemployment? Will inflation soar and the money in your wallet or bank account be diminished in value? How will real estate be affected if the mortgages are hard to get and few can afford a house?

What about the foreign invasion of mostly military-age men across the border? Will sleeper cells be activated for attacks on infrastructure or people?

Will there be chaos in the city streets?

What about destructive weather, earth disaster, cyber-attack, EMP, power outage, or a resumed attempt at a planned depopulation pandemic?

It is wise to be prepared. Have a stock of extra food, water, blankets, candles, cash (silver and gold coins if possible) and other essentials. Implement alternative heating, lighting and transportation plans.

Buy locally-grown produce at farmers' markets, stands and orchards. Obtain, dehydrate, can and store as much food as you can.

Learn more with the many resources for learning at and my related websites, especially


Spreading awareness is primary. Groups are forming everywhere for planning and tactical civic action. Organize neighborhood preparedness and security meetings.

Please pray and meditate on divine assistance from God, the source of all help.


prepared, change, 2024, political, financial, government, bank, economic, collapse, bonds, default, supply, unemployment, inflation, money, real-estate, foreign, invasion, chaos, disaster, cyber-attack, power outage, pandemic



on Brighteon:

Wisdom Quotes of Yeshua - Dec 21

on Rumble:

Wisdom Quotes of Yeshua - Dec 21


Think of “I am” and “the Father” as “creative loving source awareness”.

Think of “me”, “you”, “your light” and “soul” as self awareness of the creative source.

Think of “heaven” as the dimension of creative loving awareness.

Think of “Lord” as the universal presence of creative awareness.


I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.” Matthew 7:7-8

“‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.” Matthew 22:37-40

You have heard the law that says, ‘Love your neighbor’ and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!” Matthew 5:43-44

Matthew 7:12 “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

John 13:34-35 “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”


Several New Testament quotes of Yeshua interpreted in consideration of wisdom for modern times.

Yeshua, wisdom, quotes, Jesus, Father, creative, loving, source, awareness, light, soul, self, heaven, Lord, truth, life, love, heart, Law, prophets, neighbor, world, disciples



on Brighteon:

Wars on the Mind and Body - Dec 14

on Rumble:

Wars on the Mind and Body - Dec 14

Life on our planet is undergoing a major transformation to higher awareness and, at the same time, there is an ongoing attempt by global power interests for comprehensive manipulation to achieve technologically-controlled slavery of most of the population. This is obvious to those already engaged with expanding awareness.

Are you confused by the events and dramas of our world? - It seems we are living in a very complicated historic period. If humanity survives, the major events and dramas of this era will be studied and discussed in future history classes.

The cabal of wealthy elite manipulators have advanced their centuries old plan for full control in modern times with “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”. These are hidden methods and cloaked technologies inserted into the public sphere through multiple modalities as a war on both body and mind.

If the forces of good can prevail in this multi-faceted battle for control of humanity, the confusion will subside into clarity. Perhaps a transformation into a benevolent time of growth in human understanding and well-being will unfold.

On the other hand, if evil is allowed to retain control, we could become AI manipulated robotic minds and bodies, cyborgs reduced to conducting routine tasks and thinking only about trivia.


“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”

fear, threat of harm                         division & order out of chaos           

problem-reaction-solution               deception & confusion         

debt-based financial system          money, banking, bonds & interest

taxes & inflation                               economic servitude & poverty           

legal fiction system & crime           tools & levers of control

political theater                                controlled opposition

corporate government                     bureaucratic agencies

intelligence operations                    surveillance & interference

reduced rights (eg, Patriot Act)       limited education

insufficient nutrition                         public poisons & frequencies

technology (nano, syn bio, AI)         medical tyranny & “pandemics”

media, entertainment                      predictive programming, virtual reality

false narratives, disinformation     lies, propaganda & censorship

staged events                                    psy-ops & mind control methods

mass shootings                                 terrorism

border invasion                                  climate change

disasters                                              shortages

economic crisis                                  currency changes

banking holiday, bail-ins                  major political changes

wars                                                     social disorder


wars, mind, technological, slavery, fear, threat, chaos, deception, debt, money, economic, poverty, crime, control, political, poisons, AI, medical, pandemic, media, psy-ops, lies, propaganda, disasters, shortages



on Brighteon:

Transformation in Consciousness - Dec 7

on Rumble:

Transformation in Consciousness - Dec 7

The threat and real danger of a coordinated worldwide attempt at mass control, and the developing widespread geographic, economic, political, military and personal upheavals, are all signals of a drama going on in consciousness.

Through the mutual corporatization of most of both business and government, those at the top of an interwoven global corporate system seek to track and control all people. I describe this conglomerate and the cabal behind it as a collaborative empire.

A handful of overlord planners have drawn and manipulated millions of operatives and inserted a captured management structure throughout all levels of the empire

This drama has developed and unfolded over many centuries, but it has now reached a climactic point.

This period we are now in is one of the most challenging and transformative times in human history.

In addition to the economic and social rearrangements envisioned by leaders of the empire, significant earth changes are in progress. In the process, people’s lives are being changed, false narratives are being spewed and, unfortunately, many are leaving physical life.

Significant changes are occurring in health from years of intentional misinformation, poisoning and illness; in economics, especially in finance and the supply chain; in social conditions with the cross-border invasion; in politics with corruption exposure. removals and replacements; and between nations with unconventional warfare.  

Life as we have known it is being transformed. Yet this situation is not something to fear. Many people have not yet given this much attention, but will when it affects them more profoundly.

The drama is ultimately about the difference between the well-established mode of thinking and acting out of separation and fear, and releasing that limiting manner of operating to express ourselves with the greater understanding of wholeness based in awareness and love.

We need to recognize what has happened, and what is currently happening in consciousness. Then with a continuing improvement in consciousness nurtured by those of us who are growing in awareness and giving regular attention to forgiveness, love and the other good qualities of life, the power trippers themselves will eventually be transformed along with everybody else.

The Earth is undergoing a major transformation to higher awareness, which will affect all of the population. It is obvious to those already engaged with expanding awareness.

How do we prepare for whatever changes may come? How do we proceed to expand awareness to change the trends the cabal and their empire have set in motion? How do we get other people of good heart involved around the globe to move consciousness to a new higher level of understanding, and a better life for everyone?

No matter what serious changes occur, conscious living will go on. Growth and improvement in awareness will continue to manifest. A greater understanding and appreciation of a profound experience of life will result.


transformation, consciousness, threat, danger, control, economic, political, military, drama, business, government, global, corporate, cabal, conglomerate, collaborative, empire, operative, separation, fear, social, understanding, awareness, potential, holistic



November, 2023:


on Brighteon:

Intro Philosophy - Nov 30

on Rumble:

Intro Philosophy - Nov 30

Humans tend to expend an extended amount of time and energy restricting, even undermining, our individual and collective progress, mostly unconsciously. Collective beliefs, the "normalcy bias", propaganda and distraction keep people less conscious.

Hypnotized, fascinated and preoccupied with illusions of separation and fear, we have missed out on comprehending and understanding the full power of creative awareness.

While limiting our life energy to many fruitless or regressive pursuits, we ignore opportunities for improvement and too often abuse and impair each other instead.

Most of us are unaware that many thousands among us are so disturbed in their psyche that they have committed to the extreme indifferent selfishness of evil pursuits.

The top psychopaths have long-laid plans for full spectrum dominance of humanity. They have worked themselves into positions of power and colluded with others to gain more power by weakening and deluding the rest of us.

This evil must be exposed more and more, and people of good heart must urgently combine awareness and creative effort to block the global operation to control us all.

Every second, every thought, every cell, every subatomic particle is changing, moving, vibrating, all influenced by consciousness as we express it.

If we can learn how to enhance awareness and guide our consciousness, we can proceed more directly in a positive mode to greater realization of loving awareness and wisdom.

Now, by the very present attention on the idea of positive holistic learning about reality, beyond what we were presented in school or by the media, we are already advancing. As we develop our positive movement, we consciously heal and grow to recognize and realize our creative potential.

Consciously focusing on the whole of reality facilitates growth in creative awareness, the loving power of the Creator that manifests and sustains all that is.

"We are what we are becoming." Just as the acorn has a potential oak tree in it, we have within us the natural potential for holistic wisdom and a full participation in the reality of the Creator's loving awareness.


collective, unconscious, normalcy, bias, propaganda, distraction, consciousness, hypnotized, illusions, separation, fear, understanding, creative, improvement, psyche, selfishness, evil, psychopaths, dominance, power, control, awareness, potential, holistic, wisdom


on Brighteon:

JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Nov 23

on Rumble:

JFK Assassination Conspiracy - Nov 23

It has been 60 years since the JFK assassination, and it is still a hot topic on talk radio, podcasts, blogs and in documentaries. This is because there is much evidence that it did not happen as described in the media.

Reviewing the key points that suggest a major conspiracy, we can see why it is still discussed. The repercussions of it continue playing out even now.

Oswald was not a good marksman. He was seen outside the Texas Book Depository, but it may have been a look-alike. Oswald doppelgangers were spotted in town that day. Also, George H W Bush was photographed standing outside that building at that time.

Cheap rifle left in Texas Book Depository. FBI could not match shot, which should have been taken when limo was nearer.

JFK had multiple enemies: CIA, FED, FBI, Military Industrial Complex, Mafia, Cubans, Secret Societies, Cabal behind it all.

Johnson, Nixon, Bush, Connally in on it.

Many shooters -at least 3 shots, 2 almost simultaneous with no reset time.

Death shot may have been from rain sewer when limo slowed almost to stop. Some think the driver did it.

JFK in Parkland hospital, Doctor held part of brain. Docs later saw autopsy photos and said it looked different than what they saw. Military blocked legally required autopsy in Dallas.

Cop Tippets, a doppelganger for JFK. Knew Oswald and Ruby. Cop killed by Oswald? Not bullets from his gun. Scene bullet casings missing.

Rerouted Tippets to Parkland hospital.

Casket shell game. Supposed JFK body arrived in military casket and body bag instead of sheets and original casket.

Botched military autopsy.

RFK inspected body, said it did not look like his brother.

Closed casket funerals for both JFK and Tippets.

Oswald claimed he was a patsy. Ruby shot Oswald. Ruby was friends with Tippets, also with Oswald. Ruby, who owned a night club, was known by the police. He may have been compelled by the conspirators to eliminate Oswald to shut him up.

Alan Dulles, head of CIA fired by JFK, led Warren Commission.  Gerald Ford was on this cover-up commission.

George HW Bush may have led the assassination team. He was later the head of the CIA, appointed by cabal insider, President Gerald Ford. As CIA director, Bush then testified falsely in the House investigation of the JFK death.

Contradiction, conflict, confusion, even more in subsequent decades of cabal false flags and deception. That is why the conspiracy analysis continues and grows.




on Brighteon:

Prepare for Changes - Nov 16

on Rumble:

Prepare for Changes - Nov 16

We are living in unprecedented times. This era in which we are living may be an important topic in history classes for centuries, if we survive it all.

Considering the amazing changes in life on this planet from my grandmother’s birth in 1883 until now, the deepening of research, the growth in knowledge, the explosion of technology, the expansion of detail, the fascination with personalities, the sophistication of deception and manipulation, the intensity and scope of conflict, and the increased awakening to reality, we are living in a period of major historical significance.

Arising out of the milieu of this adventure of more than a century, expect major changes to get your attention soon. It would be wise to be prepared as much as possible for a period of financial interruption, supply chain disruption, economic transformation and/or power outage.

I recommend self-sufficiency and cooperation. Accumulate the items that can meet your needs in adverse circumstances, and coordinate preparedness plans and efforts with relatives, friends and neighbors.   



on Brighteon:

Grandfather Jon Live -- intro - Nov 9

on Rumble:

Grandfather Jon Live -- intro - Nov 9

Wisdom for a wild worried world: natural health, better mind, well-being and more. - This is the introductory show. (NOTE: I edited out the song due to poor recording.)


This program is now called "Yeswise Inspiry" with newer talks found here.


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